Born and thoughtfully curated in LA, Big Chris Comics seeks to bring together a wide-ranging and diverse collection of comics and collectibles.

The seeds for Big Chris Comics were planted when founder Big Chris was just Chris, a comic book-loving Brown boy with a proud multiplicity of roots - Filipino, Native and Mexican; working-class, hard-hustling, with a little bit of Hip Hop woven in. He was drawn to the comics he read because of the art, and because the characters contained within them, heroes and villains alike, illustrated the flaws and complexities that Chris knew all too well. Imperfect heroes and sympathetic villains who navigate relatable turmoil and conflict (who didn’t sympathize with Thanos in our climate-changing planet?). These mirroring experiences became most apparent when Chris discovered Spawn. Seeing a Black superhero in the comics he loved cemented a desire to grow his collection of comics and toys, especially those that highlight the stories of characters with different looks and different stories. They inspire a familiar feeling of diversity from our own community.

With Big Chris Comics, the vision is to bring these comics together with an eye to quality and diversity. Now more than ever, as people of color we believe in the importance of telling our stories, sharing our stories, and writing ourselves in with a dope-ass collection of comics and seasonal drops of accessories that bear to fruit our power to write our own stories.